Incidents always happen when we are least expecting them, we can all get caught out at times, it's usually when we take our eye off the ball for a moment and environmental factors catch us out. Sea Kayaking is an adventure sport, after all it's about having fun and maybe pushing our boundaries and comfort zones, this is when incidents may happen. Developing a logical thought process that works under pressure; rescues - getting the basics right; rescue strategies; controlling your group; leadership under pressure; emotional influences; adrenal effects.

We also run this as a bespoke course, i.e couples who paddle together, groups of friends and clubs etc. Whatever level you feel you are at, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs, we will make it happen for you!

The aims of our Sea Kayak Safety and Rescue training courses are to take you progressively from simple rescues through to more complex scenarios aimed at challenging you. Progressing your skills, decision making and confidence, further with a logical step by step process that works under pressure, rescues -getting the foundations right and leadership strategies that work, all in some of the world class venues that Anglesey has to offer.

We will also consider how paddlers might deal with an incident utilising:

  • CLAP: Communication-Line of sight-Avoidance/Awareness-Position of maximum usefulness.
  • SAFER: Stop-Assess-Formulate-Execute-Review
  • Action centred leadership: working with, task Team and Individual
  • Rescue Hierarchy: Self-Team-Casualty/swimmer

Each day will start over a coffee while you plan the day head, thus boosting your knowledge on a theoretical and practical level of the decision making process for a safe day on the water. The aim of the incident management course is for you to to be able to plan your own trips, with the knowledge that you will be confident enough to manage any incidents which you may find yourself in.

Anglesey Adventures can supply all equipment needed for your sea kayaking session, if required.

Sea Kayaking Course Information - pdf download

Meeting location

Anglesey Outdoors, Porth Dafarch Road, LL65 2LP.