If you enjoy high level excitements then why not step boldly over the edge of a near-vertical rock face?

Abseiling is a classic outdoor adventure challenge, which anyone can enjoy. You don’t need experience to enter this vertical world, just a desire to overcome a natural fear of heights
and give it a go. The feeling of achievement when you reach the
base of the cliff is ample reward.

It is basically a controlled free-fall where friction is exerted on the abseil rope through a metal descending device (usually a figure-of-eight or a ladder rack). You have total control of the rate of descent by holding the abseil rope. Strength is not required, just good abseil technique, which qualified instructors can teach you in a couple of hours.

Anglesey Adventures use a number of locations throughout North Wales everything from bridges, old quarries, dams, and sea cliffs enabling us to cater for everyone’s threshold. Thrill seekers also have the option of abseiling 150 ft over the lip of a sea cave followed by a session of coasteering and rendezvous with a high powered rib, for our ride back to base.