Learn new skills and use them to scale some of the most beautiful rock faces Anglesey has to offer.  With the guidance from our friendly instructors, you will learn to take your strength, courage and determination to new heights!

Starting with a safety brief, you will learn how to wear climbing harnesses and tie in to ropes with the help of your climbing instructor, who will demonstrate how you can assist the rest of the group by belaying the ropes whilst climbing, before starting to scale the cliffs at the Breakwater Country Park in Anglesey, or alternative venues depending on the ability of the group.

Climbing routes in Anglesey provide us with fun, challenging climbs which require a degree of confidence, competence and commitment, sometimes with demanding approaches.  The rewards of climbing high above the sea are exceptional and the breath-taking views from the top are worth every step you take upwards.

Along with the physical and fun aspects of the climbing activity, you will realise that the importance of communicating and teamwork within your group are essential aspects, which will provide you with the fundamentals if you choose to progress with climbing and develop your skills further.  

After you have finished climbing for the day, we have no doubt that you will feel a huge sense of achievement and pride in what you have accomplished by climbing in Anglesey, and will be left with some exciting memories from the day. 

Age range 8+ (depending on ability and weather conditions on the day).


Why not make it a full day with another specified activity or choose our ‘Mystery’ add on option for just £15 extra per person to add an element of surprise to the day!  You’ll find out which other activity you’ll be doing on the day! 

Half day:  Adults £55, children £40, family rate £160 (2 adults, 2 children under 16)
Full day (specified):  Adults £90, children £55, family rate £250
Full day 'Mystery add on':  Adults £70, children £55, family rate £210

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