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Rock Climbing Courses

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5 days

Equipment needed:

All will be provided

Course cost:

£350 per person

Activity Overview

This five day rock climbing course is for those people that have very little or no experience of rock climbing it will provide you with a solid foundation in the skills of rock climbing, on both single pitch and multi-pitch crags. Over the course of five days you will be coached on the fundamentals of rock climbing, giving you the chance to gain a good solid foundation to kick start you’re climbing, and offers the chance to visit a variety of crags and climb some of the classic routes within the Snowdonia National Park.

Sound teaching in personal climbing and movement skills, rope handling and belaying, anchor selection, stance management and abseil retreats will be given. The equally important areas of training for rock climbing, injury avoidance use of guidebooks etc. will also be covered.

The emphasis throughout the course is on developing the student’s core climbing skills whilst gaining essential knowledge on safety aspects and safety skills, to this end-all participants will be encouraged to lead if they wish. Students must therefore take some degree of responsibility for their own safety. Instruction will be directed appropriately to the individual’s stage of development.

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