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Activity category:

Rock Climbing Courses

Previous experiences:

Participants should be comfortable lead climbing and have a good understanding of basic ropework and belay techniques.


2 days

Equipment needed:

All will be provided

Course cost:

£140 per person

Activity Overview

Many climbers’ activities take them onto more remote and serious crags in the mountains or on the sea cliffs. Whilst these areas provide challenging experiences, it does require climbing teams to be self sufficient as help may be far away, or even impossible to contact. In such situations being able to cope with an injured partner or escape from a multi pitch route in bad weather can be vital skills. So if you are climbing, whether it is in summer, winter or out in the Alps, you owe it to yourself and your partner to develop some self rescue skills.

If the whole subject of self rescue is new to you, then this short course will give you a no nonsense practical approach to the subject. After a review of basic safety systems, such as belaying and rope systems, we will cover self rescue techniques such as prussiking, escaping from the system and retreating from a crag. Some simple hoist systems will also be covered. In addition to equipping you with these skills we will also look at developing strategies for dealing with crag problems.

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