Learn new skills and develop your ability and confidence as a sea kayaker, Anglesey Adventures offer a range of courses to suit all abilities, so whether you're new to sea kayaking or an aficionado, we will have a sea kayaking course to suit you, and if you do not see the course you're looking for, get in touch as we offer bespoke courses and will be able to put together a customised course just for you!

In the company of a fully qualified, experienced instructor from Anglesey Adventures, discover remote sandy coves, gaping sea caves and staggering sea cliffs in a sea kayak, which will enable you to explore otherwise unreachable areas of coastline along Anglesey.

Complete beginners can learn paddling strokes and manoeuvres in a sheltered bay, before heading out on a journey, and experienced paddlers can learn to kayak on friendly tidal races. Paddlers of any level can enjoy a half- or full-day kayaking expedition, under the guidance and tutelage of one of our professional instructors.  If you wish to head out on an expedition kayaking adventure, Anglesey Adventures provide customised packages throughout the UK and abroad.

Anglesey Adventures will supply all equipment needed for your Sea Kayaking session if required.  Get in touch to book your Sea Kayaking Adventure with Anglesey Adventures.  Age requirement 6+ for sit on top safaries, 18+ for all other courses.

All courses currently postponed due to COVID-19

Core Skills Development 2 day course 

This course is aimed at people who have already started their sea kayaking journey, but feel they need to be more confident in the water and progress from flat, calm conditions on the sea.  The core skills development course is perfect for paddlers seeking to expand their skills on boat handling and apply them to various sea conditions.  This course will start with working on basic skills such as balance and rotation in a sea kayak and progressively move to expand your skills so you will be better at moving your boat sideways, turning whilst in motion, improve your edging and forward paddling skills, making you a more efficient paddler.  The course also covers balancing and bracing techniques, helping you to gain confidence whilst out on the sea.

After working on these fundamental skills, you will have the opportunity to practice what you have learned in wind, waves and some current, further expanding your skillset, whilst gaining confidence in more challenging conditions.

Pre-requisite:  Beginners or some sea kayaking experience.

£180pp (minimum 2 people)

Improver Sea Kayaking 2 day course

Dates:  16 - 17 May and 22 - 23 August.

Improver sea kayaking is suited to those who have had experience of sea kayaking for a year or two and have a level 2 skills certificate, with a number of sea trips in their log book.  Anglesey Adventures have designed their Improver Sea Kayaking course to help you work on your skills to get towards your BC UKCC 3* level.  We will work on handling the sea kayak in bumpier water and cover more distance, whilst concentrating on developing your skills where you need them.  Improver Sea Kayaking will help you meet each challenge with confidence and enjoy overcoming it, introducing you to more challenging sea conditions with a greater understanding of safety issues and the opportunity to improve your technical skills, with the ultimate goal of becoming a more competent paddler at sea.

Anglesey Adventures have developed our improver sea kayaking course to help you make the most of sea kayaking and all it has to offer.  This course will help you develop positive boat handling control with increased awareness of possible dangers.  It will give you a greater understanding of weather and tide conditions and how to develop your naviation skills.  We will help you improve your strokes and expand your repertoire by passing on our knowledge and expertise in how to cover more distance with less effort and how to land in difficult shores such as assisted and surf landings.

If you love sea kayaking, you will love our improver sea kayaking course, it will help you to enjoy the coastline in a safe, skilled and adventurous way and get the very best from your passion for sea kayaking.

Pre-requisite:  Some sea kayaking experience

£180pp (minimum 2 people)

Sea Safety & Rescue 2 day course

Dates:  15 - 16 April, 18 - 19 July, 17 - 18 October.

Everyone practices rescues, but how confident would you be if you ever had to deal with a real incident?  This course is aimed at paddlers with some previous sea kayaking experience who are looking to organise and plan their own days on the water.  We will guide you through aspects of safe trip planning, decision making on the water and how to deal with problems.  We will be looking at rescue skills for dealing with a range of likely scenarios which paddlers may find themselves in.  This is essential training for all improving sea kayakers, one day your paddling friends may be glad you did this course!

Pre-requisites:  Improver Level

£180pp (minimum 2 people)

Incident Management Leadership 2 day course 

Dates:  1 - 2 June, 1 -2 August,24 - 25 September.

During this course, we will develop your decision making and confidence, with a step by step process that works when placed under pressure.  We will work together to develop your skills, rescues, getting the basics right with leadership strategies that work when you're under pressure, in dynamic water which Anglesey is renowned for.  This course focuses on leadership during incidents, working with action centred leadership on task, team and individual.  We will provide opportunities for paddlers to consider how they will deal with a situation using tried and tested strategies: CLAP, Rescue Hierarchy, Preach, Reach etc.  

Pre-requisite: Intermediate (3* or Sea Kayak Award) to advanced paddlers, who want to become leaders or who just want to be safe on the water, or as a refresher course to help you get back on top of your game.

£180pp (minimum 2 people)

Coasteering for Rockhoppers 1 day course

Dates:  14 April, 12 July, 16 September.

On this course, we aim to build your confidence in and around rock features, learn how to read the waves and swell around these features and how to look after yourself if you find yourself out of your boat.  We will cover rescue hierarchy and types of rescue, preach, reach...

Following this course, you will be confident that you can play amongst rock gardens with the knowledge that you can do so safely if you were to end up our of your boat, we will even throw in a few jumps for the adrenaline junkies!

We supply you with CSkin adventure 5mm steamer wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets, though you can wear your own kit if you prefer.

Pre-requisite:  The course is aimed at all sea kayakers who want to feel safe in and around rocks.

£80pp (minimum 2 people)

Introduction to Currents & Tide Races (Intermediate) 2 days 

Dates:  2 - 3 May, 22 - 23 August, 28 - 29 September.

This course is aimed at people with little to no previous tidal paddling experience or who are perhaps not so confident in these environments.  You will already have experience paddling in wind and swell and would be around BC 3* standard.

The course will start with basic moving water skills at one of Anglesey's stunning and friendly venues and we will gradually progress into more dynamic (though still friendly) tidal features.  The main aim is to build confidence, control and understanding in tidal flow and tide races.  We pride ourselves on progressive learning and building confidence in paddlers through safe and fun learning.  Learn to move up flows, across flows, through flows, surf waves, move in and out of eddies with style and control.

Anglesey has a range of fantastic tidal features, which allow us to work somewhere whatever the weather and aims are.

Pre-requisite:  Intermediate

£180pp (minimum 2 people)

Rough Water Sea Kayaking (Advanced) 2 day course

2020 Dates:  26 - 27 March, 25 - 26 July, 26 - 27 September, 28 - 29 November.

This course is aimed at reasonably experienced sea kayakers, who would like to stretch their comfort zone and furher develop skills in moderate/advanced sea conditions.  Depending on the conditions that we have during the course, we will look at dealing with strong winds, breaking waves, rockhopping, surfing and tide races; from the perspective of boat handling, safety and leadership.

You should be at or above the BC UKCC3* level, BC Sea Kayak Award, BC Coastal Sea Kayak Award and you should be an asset to the group in up to force 4 winds and 3 knots of tide.  A reliable roll is helpful but not vital.

We will work on skills to help you get towards the BC Sea Kayak Leader and Advanced Sea Kayak Leader awards (4* & 5*).  You willl probably have a good idea of what you want to look at on this course, and we will try to keep it flexible enough to accommodate all your aspriations and needs.

Maximum group size is 4 people, so individual coaching addressing your wants and needs, is realistic and achievable.

This is an opportunity to take the plunge and learn the skills that will allow you to take your sea kayaking to the next level.  Visit the offshore islands, play in the tide races and keep yourself and others, safe.

You should leave the course having increased your confidence and learnt new skills to enable you to get out and practice. 

Pre-requisite:  Advanced

£180pp (minimum 2 people)

For more details or to book a course, call 07896 239951 or e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We look forward to hearing from you!