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Management Development Workshops

We have over 20 years experience with the public and private sector in the design and implementation of team building, team development and team maintenance activity management development. We can work with your trainers to design a bespoke programme that accurately reflects your organisations learning needs. All our programmes are based around ‘real time’ projects using the pattern of a practical task, which generates behaviour that can then be reviewed and reflected on in a group situation. The participants can experiment with new behaviours, take risks and review their performance in a ‘safe’ environment without damage to their organisation or career. They will have the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge to a range of tasks that, although quite different in nature from the work situation, is never the less challenging and quite real – full of unpredictable events.

Providers of professional management courses such as NEBSM, ILM often find short residential programmes, highlighting aspects of the syllabus, extremely useful in locating theory to practice. We can design/develop outdoor simulations coupled with review sessions that take aspects of particular modules and turn then into powerful learning events.

Team Development

Our-team based programmes are specifically designed to meet team building, team development or team building objectives. The methodology is primarily dictated by the maturity of the team, but a common factor would focus on the approach that the team takes when co-ordinating, controlling, organising and planning their resources.

We make full use of experimental simulations, which, although different from work, are never the less, challenging and quite real.

The unpredictability of managing a group in the outdoors forms a powerful
illustration of the consequences of decision making under pressure. This is reinforced by self-managed reviews that link the doing and theory to practice in the work situation.

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